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Pompeo threatened Russia with a response because of disagreement with sanctions against Iran

Washington will impose sanctions against Moscow if Russia and China refuse to comply with the UN sanctions regime being restored by the US against Iran. This was stated on Fox News by US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo. «Quite true. We have already done this when we have seen countries violate existing us sanctions, we […]

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Democrats confirmed Harris as a candidate for Vice President of the United States

The democratic party of the United States officially approved Kamala Harris as a candidate for the post of Vice President of the United States. This is reported by CNN. The decision was announced at the party’s Convention, which was held in a virtual format in the city of Milwaukee (Wisconsin). 55-year-old Harris became the first […]

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The Gamalei center published instructions for vaccination against coronavirus

Before using the drug, patients should be examined by a doctor, including taking their temperature. After that, the person should be monitored for half an hour. Vaccination is contraindicated for pregnant and nursing women, as well as if there is: – hypersensitivity to any component; —a history of severe allergic reactions; – acute infectious and […]

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Why don’t they cancel the wearing of masks in Uzbekistan? Barno Abdusamatova’s Response

Briefings on the fight against coronavirus are continuing in Tashkent. A member of the staff of the fight against coronavirus Barno Abdusamatova answered a question about wearing masks. Why don’t they cancel the wearing of masks in Uzbekistan? – Masks do not protect 100% from the virus, it’s true. However, the mask will help reduce […]

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Kazakh producers can enter the markets of Australia and Canada

The list of Kazakhstan’s exporters is planned to increase by 2025. Minister of trade and integration of Kazakhstan Bakhyt Sultanov during the reporting meeting with the population told about plans to expand the list of exporters by 2025 from 400 participants to 600, the correspondent reports According to the head of the Department, Kazakhstan […]