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In Germany, the rules for dog breeders will be tightened

In Germany, dog owners will be required to walk their Pets at least twice a day for an hour. This decision is being considered by the German Ministry of agriculture in order to propose it as a draft law to the Bundestag. For those who violate this rule, there are large fines, it is supposed to monitor compliance with these measures with the help of special sensors that owners will have to put on their Pets. Monitoring their compliance is still supposed to be selective.

Also in Germany, a ban on long-term stay of dogs on chains may be introduced. In addition, owners will not be allowed to leave their dogs alone for the whole day. The country’s authorities explain these measures as necessary to ensure the welfare of animals, the BBC reports. Rules are also being developed to combat “puppy farms”. Breeders will be allowed to care for a maximum of three litters, and puppies will have to spend at least four hours a day in the company of people to “ensure their socialization”. “Pets are not soft toys, their needs also need to be taken into account,” German agriculture Minister Julia Kleckner said of the planned changes. According to her, these measures were based on the recommendations of experts to ensure the protection and welfare of animals.

A draft of the new regulation has already been developed, which may become law in early 2021. If it is adopted, the authorities of the German lands will have to ensure its compliance. It is also planned to ban the display of dogs whose ears or tail are cropped in violation of the”rules for the protection of animals”. Dogs whose behavior does not correspond to the “biological species” can also be banned from participating in exhibitions, however, what is meant by this in the German Ministry of agriculture is not reported. MS Kleckner’s plans also include new rules for transporting cattle with a travel time limit of up to four and a half hours.