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“Collapse”. Zakharova outlined the future of us anti-Iranian sanctions

“Us initiatives to restore the effect of UN security Council sanctions resolutions against Iran, which were canceled after the conclusion of the 2015 JCPOA on the settlement of the Iranian nuclear program, are devoid of legal grounds and will inevitably fail… We are confident that their attempts to restore previously canceled security Council sanctions against Iran will fail, ” the Agency quotes Maria Zakharova.

Earlier, President Donald trump said that the US Secretary of state on his behalf will go to the UN to notify the organization of the beginning of the procedure for restoring anti-Iranian sanctions under resolution 2231. The US says that the sanctions will take effect 30 days after the official notification of the UN.

Zakharova stressed that Russia condemns the us intention to continue the course of destroying the JCPOA.

“The undermining of UN security Council resolution 2231, we are seriously concerned that such actions by Washington, which we characterize as reckless, could lead to a crisis, possibly very deep in the Security Council,” the diplomat said.