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Doctors from Russia who arrived in Uzbekistan evaluated the preparation for the fight against Covid and made a forecast for the second wave

We previously reported that medics arrived in Uzbekistan from Russia. 40 Russian specialists will provide assistance to colleagues from Uzbekistan.

Russian doctors will be sent to the regions of our country. Infectious disease physician RIAT Kacerov assessed the situation in the Samarkand region.

According to Kacerov, in General, Uzbek physicians are well prepared to fight the pandemic. The Russian specialist stressed that there are minor roughnesses that will be corrected by joint efforts. He also assured that there is no need to worry, because the local doctors are good.

Kacerov believes that the second wave will not be strong. It will be less dangerous than the previous one, because the health system is already ready for it. The specialist assured that the second wave will be short-lived and should be expected this fall.