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Kazakh producers can enter the markets of Australia and Canada

The list of Kazakhstan’s exporters is planned to increase by 2025.

Minister of trade and integration of Kazakhstan Bakhyt Sultanov during the reporting meeting with the population told about plans to expand the list of exporters by 2025 from 400 participants to 600, the correspondent reports

According to the head of the Department, Kazakhstan has launched a new system of state support – acceleration of exporters.

Business will receive assistance in intensive export development-accompanied up to entering new markets (the experience of Canada, Australia, Russia, the United States, Germany). The food industry has selected about 40 companies that are preparing to export to China. In total, according to our calculations, support for export acceleration by 2025 will allow six hundred more Kazakh enterprises to join the ranks of confident exporters, today – 400 exporters, – Sultanov said.

He noted that this will ensure an increase in export supplies by 410.2 million dollars and the receipt of additional tax deductions by 34.5 billion tenge.

In General, the analysis of export growth prospects shows the potential for 16 priority commodity items worth 13.5 billion dollars – livestock meat, other agricultural products, pesticides and fertilizers, metals, petrochemicals, mechanical engineering, transport hub, it services, tourism. In the near future, we will approve road maps for their promotion. For priority services, including transport, tourism and IT, there is a potential to increase exports by 4.4 billion dollars , the Minister said.

In General, he also added that the export of manufacturing goods in price terms is declining for the second year, despite the fact that physical volumes showed a positive trend.

At the same time, in physical terms, exports increased by 6.9% or by 109 thousand tons – from 1,587. 6 thousand tons to 1,696,6 thousand tons. This year, the situation has been exacerbated by the pandemic and the slowdown in world trade. In other words, prices have not only fallen, but demand for a number of Kazakhstan’s main export products has also decreased. Non-primary exports of goods continue to decline. For the first half of the year, the drop was 9%. Supplies of zinc and lead have been almost completely reduced. But the supply of silver, aluminum oxides and hydroxides is actively increasing. Exports of services in the first quarter of this year also decreased by 5.8%. The largest drop was shown by travel services -20.7% and passenger transport services -16.2%, – said the head of the Ministry of trade.

This, in his opinion, once again shows the need to diversify exports and switch to the production of goods with higher added value and more stable demand.