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Kazakhstanis most often complain about the quality of financial and medical services

For six months, we received 6 thousand complaints, for comparison-this number of complaints was in General for the whole of last year.

At a reporting meeting with the population in the CCS, Minister of trade and integration Bakhyt Sultanov said that this year consumer complaints related to refunds for canceled concerts, toy or tour trips.

According to the head of the Department, technical regulation is one of the “effective tools to support the economy of simple things and a barrier against unfair imports.” However, it is only possible to ban low-quality domestic production with the help of consumers themselves.

There are 18 million consumers in Kazakhstan. This is 18 million demanding quality controllers of goods and services. The change in legislation allowed us not only to expand the tools for public control, but also to launch the creation of a full-fledged national consumer protection system. We have introduced a three-stage system for reviewing complaints and are working on creating a Unified information system for receiving complaints on the principle of “one window”, – Sultanov reminded.

Last year, we received more than 6 thousand requests, and in the first half of this year – the same number.

Kazakhstanis most often report violations in the provision of financial, medical, transport and household services, housing and utilities, and retail trade. This year, complaints also related to refunds for canceled concerts, Toi or tour trips, – he concluded.